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Reading in H-Mart

Design-Build, Youth Education
2022 | Warren, VT

Designed and built by the Girls Garage Advanced Design/Build cohort, this bus stop library for the Vermont Transit Authority was inspired by Little Free Libraries. The design spotlights a central bookcase that cultivates community connectivity through the sharing of knowledge and stories and activates public space through a topographic mural inspired by Vermont’s landscapes and climate. The project was completed in partnership with Yestermorrow Design/Build School for the Vermont Transit Authority with funding from AARP and is part of a larger initiative to build ten accessible bus stops for Vermont’s public transportation system.

The structure was built on a deck that will be sunken into the ground once installed at its final destination. The structural H frame modules (responsible for the bus stop’s affectionate nickname Reading in H Mart) could be built on the floor and erected by many hands much like raising timber frame bents. Seating and countertops were made from maple slabs sustainably harvested from the forested areas on Yestermorrow’s campus.

Role: Design-Build Instructor 

Teaching Team: Emily Pilloton-Lam, Augusta Sitney, Hallie Chen, Tonia Sing Chi, Anna Lam Pilloton.

Partners: Yestermorrow Design/Build School